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Key Elements

The Power Tools is a multi-company fully integrated construction software suite including accounting, project management, job costing, estimating, bid solicitation, lien release tracking, work orders, apps, equipment control, paperless office and service/dispatch. Open communication between accounting, management, and on-site personnel provides a full range of custom features that allow any department to see outstanding items on each project. The system is date-driven to allow multi-month/multi-year processing.

With good lines of communication, we can provide custom changes that may be key to your business. The Power Tools provides the best training and customer support in the industry, along with ongoing updates and program enhancements to ensure you are staying current with new trends in the construction industry and technology. We will be there with prompt answers and knowledgeable personnel to aid in the success of your company’s software investment.

Some of the features you can count on with The Power Tools include:

  • Multiple Company / Multiple Year Processing
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Construction specific with Cost Types, Retainage Tracking, Commitment Handling
  • Integration with Microsoft Office – Outlook, Word, Excel
  • Real time assessment of Job Profitability during and after the job
  • Easily track Equipment
  • Subcontract/PO tracking – including Change Orders
  • Lien Release Processing
  • Insurance Tracking
  • User-Defined Warnings
  • Electronic Approval of Invoices / Imaging
  • Pay Applications/Schedule of Values / AIA Billing
  • Anticipated Collection Reporting
  • Work In Process / Over-Under Billings / Contract Schedules
  • Powerful Financial Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation/Cash Management
  • Document and PDF attachment
  • Work Order Processing
  • Estimating
  • Apps to provide mobility

System Overview


The Power Tools is a fully integrated Accounting system designed specifically for the unique needs of construction accounting. Each module will handle the every-day accounting basics such as creating invoices, paying bills, tracking and receiving payments, and powerful financial reporting with the tools specific to construction accounting.

General Ledger

  • Date Locking to Preserve Closed Month’s Data
  • Work In Process complete with Over/Under Billing entries
  • Standard/Recurring/Auto Reversing Journal Entries
  • Division/Department Reporting
  • Subledger Processing / Reporting
  • Quick Transaction Browsing
  • Budgeting and Budget Reporting
  • Email or Save Reports as .pdf
  • GL to Job Cost Audit Reports

  • Powerful Financial Reporting
    • Trial Balance with or without Subsidiaries
    • Detail & Summarized Balance Sheets
    • Detail & Summarized Income Statements
    • Income Statements by Cost Type
    • Contracts in Progress
    • Work in Process
    • Overhead Analysis
    • Fiscal Year Spread
    • Working Trial Balance

Accounts Receivable

  • Contract Billings complete with Gross, Retainage, Net Amounts
  • Auto Create Invoices from Pay Applications
  • Recurring Invoice Routines
  • Selective Inquiry by Date/Customer/Job
  • Job Income Reporting

  • Anticipated Collections Tracking / Reporting
  • Salesperson Report (Revenue by Sales Person)
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Aged Receivables Reporting
  • Statements

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice w/ Image Processing for Electronic Approval
  • Credit Card Processing with imports directly from bank
  • Subcontract/Purchase Order/Change Orders
  • Retainage Tracking
  • Improve profitability by tracking available Discounts
  • ACH Payment of Invoices
  • Joint Check Processing

  • Auto Allocation of Sales Tax/Freight
  • Validation of accounts/cost codes during distribution
  • Auto-add vendors during invoice input
  • Warning System for Insurance Dates, Releases, W-9, and unlimited user-defined items such as Back-Charges
  • 1099 Processing
  • Aging Reports / Open Item Reporting
  • Commitment Control Reports

Cash Manager

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Simple check boxes for Cleared Checks, Deposits, Transactions
  • Clear a range of checks by date or check #
  • Split data screens display Checks, Receipts, Transactions
  • Field for temporary adjustments

  • Notes field for adjustment description
  • Monthly Reconciliation Report includes Recap, Outstanding Items, and Cleared Transactions
  • Multiple reports to display Held Checks, Cleared Checks, all Transactions, etc.
  • Held Checks Feature with Current and Released Balance displays


Designed specifically to handle the unique requirements of construction payroll. Includes all the reporting required for unions, certified jobs, W. Comp, ACA and tax reporting.

  • Date Locking to Preserve Closed Periods
  • Full Multi-State Processing / Reporting
  • User defined Deductions and Other Incomes (taxable, non-taxed, and pre-taxed)
  • Section 125 and 401k processing
  • User control of W. Comp Rates
  • Multiple Union Processing
  • Input by Person, Job, or Daily Certified Hours
  • Integration with Power Tools time entry apps
  • Integrates with outside time tracking software
  • Automatic Labor Burden Posting
  • Daily Hours Posting – Eliminates Separate Accrual Entry
  • W-2 Processing
  • ACA Reporting
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Email or save reports as .pdf


Job Cost/Project Management integrates with Accounting eliminating double entry and provides instant access to key information. The dashboard warning and notice system provides the status of key information. Create and track job documents such as submittals, PO and subcontracts. Include online Plan Room and communicate with others via email and a link to the plan room. High level security by user to limit access to jobs and functions. Users can be given limited access, full access, or read only access. Live integration with accounting provides instant data and analysis including Profit and cash projections by job and combined for company projection. Read only access to transactions and AP data. Executive View for overall company and drill down to data in individual jobs.

  • Electronic invoice, contract, document approval
  • Job Photo Management with link to Mobile App
  • Quick simple email option from all options and prints
  • PDF and Image Attachment throughout
  • Submittal tracking
  • RFI, RFP documents
  • Daily Logs
  • Change Orders
  • Pay Application processing
  • PO and Subcontract entry and tracking
  • PO and Subcontract warning system (unsigned contracts, back-charges, 24 hour notice)
  • User-defined drop-down list selections
  • Insurance Tracking by Job
  • User security including read-only options
  • Real-time status of payments and outstanding commitments
  • Projections by Dollars, Quantity and Manhours
  • Integration with Mobile Apps for time, daily log, and photo entry
  • Timesheet approval and integration with PT Site app
  • Drawing Log with online Plan Room
  • Detail and summarized cost reporting
  • Manhour Reports
  • Executive Reporting
  • Job Attachments
  • Letters
  • Action Items
  • Owner Status Report
  • Permit Tracking

Lien Tracking

Lien tracking provides multiple tier lien release printing and tracking.  Easily customized lien release documents can be printed or emailed directly to the vendors along with check ready notices and requirement lists.

The lien tracking works stand-alone or integrates with Accounts Payable to auto update the contract and amounts paid. Open AR balances display so you can easily see when a job is funded.
Attach scanned documents to the vendor or project.

  • Multi-tier
  • Unlimited user-defined Lien Formats
  • Document Imaging
  • Non-vendor additions
  • Email directly to all tiers
  • Email signed Lien Releases to Owner/Contractor
  • Track in-process and completed releases with due date and date received
  • Authorized Signer/Signer title and signature examples
  • Vendor warnings
  • Claims – track date of claim/date satisfied
  • Constructive Notice
  • Check Notice reports
  • Scheduled pickup date/time
  • Owner reporting
  • Daily material delivery log

Bid Solicitation

Send Mass Fax and Email Invitations and track responses. On-line plan room included. Email invitations may include a link directing the Sub to our web site for their response. Mass email the companies in the address book with a link to our web site where the sub can update their contact information.

  • Copy bid info from similar jobs
  • Web based Plan Room
  • Image Attachments
  • Multiple Invitations and scope of work options
  • Email or fax bid invitations
  • Track sent/waiting invitations
  • Web-based bid responses
  • Log bid response and status
  • Web based vendor update option
  • Cross reference table for user-defined lists
  • Tracking reports


Estimating provides a bridge between Bid Solicitation and JCPM. Sub selection, plan and bid tracking can be done in the Estimating system. Create Estimates with unit pricing, material components, crews, and equipment. Include add-ons and multipliers for labor burden and taxes.
Link the estimate to a job in JCPM and upload the estimate to the budget.

  • Attach Documents and .pdfs
  • Bid and plan tracking
  • Multiple Price Books
  • Bond on bond calculations
  • Track and price alternates
  • Copy similar estimates to cut down on entry
  • Budget upload to job
  • User-defined cross reference tables to display drop-down selections specific to your company
  • Reporting for estimate lists, estimate detail, summaries by division or section, and sub detail
  • Plan and bid tracking reports

Work Orders

Power Tools Work Orders provides Estimates, Proposals, and Service Orders.   Track the Work Order from inception through to  customer invoicing.  Utilize the Inventory to move product from warehouse or truck to job location and back. User-defined fields allow the user to customize the Work Order to meet their company’s needs. 

  • Multi-company
  • Unlimited locations
  • User-defined fields and drop-down selections
  • Inventory locations/transfer
  • Estimate sheets
  • Proposals
  • Service Orders
  • AR Invoice creation
  • Create POs
  • Attach images
  • Work Order Reports by status, Type, or all
  • PO Summary reports
  • Open purchase order report


Mobile apps accessed through the user’s phone or tablet provide time entry, daily logs, address book access, and photo uploads. The apps integrate with JCPM, Equipment, Work Orders and Payroll for easy transfer of information to and from the job and office.

PT Site

  • Time Entry using clock in/out or manual entry
  • GPS requires user to be onsite to clock in and out
  • Equipment Time Entry
  • General Notes

  • Capture current Weather from local tower
  • Visitor Logs
  • Material Deliveries
  • Quick link to online plan room

PT Job Site

  • Full Daily Log function
  • General Items
  • Activity Recording with Photos
  • Job Address Book lists companies on job
  • View sub’s scope of work
  • Call or email companies
  • Safety issues

  • Visitors
  • Material Deliveries
  • Capture current Weather from local tower and also add photos to backup
  • Punch List
  • Cleanup notices
  • Photos which are sent back to the office in JCPM
  • Quicklink to online plan room


Equipment Control integrates with the Mobile Apps to capture equipment locations and usage to feed Job Cost. System generated QR Codes can be attached to the equipment to scan when a piece of equipment arrives at a job site. Equipment Control integrates with the financial transactions to capture life to date detail cost for each piece of equipment.

  • Manage Owned Equipment, Rented Equipment, and Tools
  • Capture fuel cost and mileage for scheduled maintenance
  • Capture meter hours for scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance Work Orders and Parts Inventory
  • Tracker for user defined tracking of items like tag expirations, insurance values, and parts
  • Fixed Asset accounting with depreciation entries and fixed asset schedules


The Power Tools Calendar provides the tools to organize scheduled work for both the field and office staff. Create and maintain appointments, eliminate schedule conflicts, and track appointments by employee as well as date.

  • Color coding by person to easily track appointments by employee
  • Multiple calendar capability
  • Multiple calendar views – by day, by week, bi-weekly, by month, by person
  • Scheduling conflict notifications
  • Determine weekend availability
  • Easy rescheduling options
  • Print or Email Calendars
  • Schedule vacation time as well as field appointments