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Exceptional Support and Training
We will be there to guide you from start-up through to every-day use. Affordable and clear pricing for software, support, and maintenance with discount training packages available to not only new clients but current customers. No hidden costs or surprises.
Customer Satisfaction
Our clients are excited to share their Power Tools experience with you.  We are happy to provide the name and contact information for companies similar to yours currently using the Power Tools. Contact us at 407.834.0700 x 100 or info@thepowertools.com for a list of our references.
Eliminate Duplicate Entry
Our modules are directly integrated so no duplicate entry is needed in our system. Just a few examples… a subcontract agreement created by a project manager is immediately available for accounting’s approval. Work Orders and employee hours added through the app will be seen in the office for review and approval. Approved Change Orders display in Accounts Receivable, Pay Applications, and the WIP with one step. No import/exporting needed in order for the systems to talk to each other.
Multiple Date Processing
Work within multiple months and even years due to date sensitive entry and reporting. There is no hard close for the month or year before you can continue with the next. However, you may lock individual modules when completed to ensure the integrity of the information.
Specialized Requirements
The Power Tools Payroll provides the necessary input and reporting for Certified Payroll, and Davis Bacon jobs. Prevailing wage references and notifications make input easy and consistent. ACA Documentation and Reports are included in the EOY processing. Multiple State, Labor Class, & Union  input is available through payroll processing along with the required reports.
Easily compare GL to Job Cost to ensure the information is in perfect balance. Variance Reports in Payroll compare earnings and deductions to eliminate any discrepancies in tax reporting. Customizable Check Sheets make sure the End of Month, End of Quarter, and End of Year processing is performed consistently and smoothly.
Outside Auditing Made Easy
W. Comp Reports in detail and summary, Subcontract Payment Reporting, Financials and Job/GL comparisons make outside audits easy and painless.
System Requirements
The Power Tools will work on most existing equipment. No special hardware required. We will provide the recommended hardware/software minimums for your review.
CPA’s appreciate the ease of use and reports available in our software. The General Ledger provides not only detailed and summarized reporting, but a fully automatic Work In Process and audit reports to verify totals between jobs and the financials.
We consistently develop our software to meet the changing needs of the construction industry. We also listen to our customers and take each suggestion into consideration when making these changes. Our clients help drive the changes made and we welcome their input.
Quickbooks Users
We have extensive experience working with clients to ease the transition from Quickbooks. This includes importing as much information as possible to get you up and running as fast as possible.
Cloud Hosting
Our Cloud option is another tool to bring together the field or other branches of your company into one network environment. This allows you to easily adapt with your company’s growth, reduce IT costs, and simplify your IT.
Our easy to use apps bridge the gap between the field and the office to eliminate duplicate entry. The apps will improve communication and streamline the paperwork , emails and other forms of communication with the field.
Custom Programming
Although the Power Tools provides countless reports and flexible input options, our programming team can create custom reports and fields to meet your company’s needs.