Power Tools

Construction specific software integrated with the Microsoft Office suite including Outlook, Word, and Excel. The programs utilize MS Access which allows for customization to meet the specific needs of each user. The database is SQL Server

Paperless Office

Electronic processing and approval of invoices and pay requests. Simple image attachment throughout Power Tools for quick access for all users. Power Tools is the control center to organize and manage all PDF, XLS, JPG, Doc, etc.


All documents including attached images and reports can be emailed. All emails sent via Power Tools or on your phone are logged. Email can also be attached to a job for retrieval by anyone with access to the job.

Our Products

Bid Solicitation

Send Mass Fax and Email Invitations and track responses. On-line plan room included. Email invitations may include a link directing the Sub to our web site for their response. Mass email the companies in your address book with a link to our web site where the sub can update their contact information.


A companion product to Bid Solicitation that shares the Project Address book. You can select companies to invite and enter their responses from either system. Codes selected for Bid Solicitation are automatically entered in the estimate detail. With the responses, you can record each Sub's bid and select the sub for each estimate item. The selected subs can be sent to your Job Address Book in Project Management awaiting subcontract agreements. Each successful estimate is linked to the job in JCPM and budgets are automatically created. Includes RFI's and RFP's.

JCPM - Project Management

Project Management integrates with Accounting eliminating double entry and providing instant access to key information. Our Dashboard warning and notice system alerts you to the status of key information. Create and track Submittals, RFIs, RFPs, Request for Change Order, Change Orders, Meeting Minutes, Phone Log, Drawing Log, Timesheet Entry, Daily Log, Permit Tracking, Insurance Tracking, Pay Requests, T&M Billings, and Action Items. Include online Plan Room and communication with others via email and a link to the plan room. High level security by user to limit access to jobs and functions. Users can be given no access, full access, or read only access.

JCPM - Job Cost

Profit and Cash Projections by Job and combined for Company Projection. Live integration with accounting provides instant data and analysis. Import budgets from Estimating. Read only Access to transactions and AP data. Executive View for overall company and drill down to data in individual jobs.

JCPM - Purchasing

Create Sub Agreements, Sub CO's, PO's, and POCO's. Track Insurance and other required documents. Subcontract Control and real time status of payments and outstanding commitments.Warnings for Insurance, W9's, lien releases required, past due submittals, unsigned change orders, and critical letters (like backcharge notice or 24 hour notice of nonperformance).

Accounts Payable

Simple invoice entry with or without Document Imaging and the ability to track and approve invoices from the field or in the office. Integration with Project Management Subcontract and Purchase Orders entry saves input time and allows Accounting to control the process and accuracy. Extensive views in the system to view payables by Vendor, Job, Purchase Order/Commitments and Joint Vendors. AP Tracker for user defined tracking of items like contractors licenses or business licenses.

Accounts Receivable

Integrates with Pay Requests generated in JCPM for auto creation of Contract Invoices in AR. JCPM shows outstanding receivables until a cash receipt is posted. Integrated with email to send invoices as an attached pdf.

General Ledger / Financials

Work In Process with automated Over/Under Billings. Contract Schedules for financial reporting and bonding. Multi-Company capability with date driven processing for multi month and year operation. Extensive reporting and integration with all Power Tools applications.

Cash Manager

Bank Reconciliation and live cash balance. Manage held checks for current balance and released balance.


A true construction payroll system complete with tax reporting, union deduction & fringes, Certified Payroll, Minority reporting, Insurance reporting, and many options for Labor Burden charges to Job Cost. Intercompany costing and automatic entries in both the payroll company and the company with the jobs. The system integrates with Project Management Timesheet entries and PT Time smart phone app for remote input. HR Log for user defined tracking of HR information.

Lien Release Tracking

Track Notice of Commencement and Notice to Owner filings for Lien Releases. Create Partial Conditional, Partial, Final Conditional, and Final Releases. Scan and file completed releases for owner reporting. Subcontractors and PO suppliers are automatically entered for Lien Release Tracking. Track their Subs, Sub-Subs, and suppliers up to five tiers. Creates Subcontract Warnings for each Sub detailing the releases required.


Enter EQ hours by job and code for Job Costing. The application includes depreciation entries and reporting plus equipment location tracking, rented equipment tracking, and life to date charges & cost. Smart phone app to enter equipment hours and submit.

Work Orders

Built to manage service, warranty, or other small quick turn jobs. Tracks each Work Order from call, to appointment, to estimate, to proposal, to completion. Integrates with AR to create invoices from completed WO's. Includes Purchase Orders and Inventory.

Android and iPhone Apps

Free phone app for JCPM users. Quickly pull up your Job Address Book and call or email vendors or subs. You also have the ability to take photos with your phone which will be sent back to the office to attach to your daily log or job photos. Phone calls and emails done on the form are logged in the phone log and email log in the office.

PT Time

Timesheet app for capture of employee time and equipment utilization.

Daily Log

Currently available for iPad and iPhone 6 Plus includes full functioning Daily Log and photo capture. Access the online Plan Room on your device.

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